Our Leadership Additions

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District is pleased to welcome three new members to our Leadership Team, effective immediately.

Stephanie Bolender was Founding 1st Vice-Chair of The Pathway of Fame at its inception in 1997-1998, and served as assistant to fellow Director Barb Bell. Stephanie remained active with the Pathway Facilitating Committee until Bell’s death in 2008. Listeners to Trent Radio 92.7 may remember Stephanie as long-running co-host of a popular weekend country music program.

Jim Ross has volunteered at Showplace for the Pathway of Fame annual induction ceremony over the past four years. A fraternal associate of our Chair, Mr. Ross is a Past Master the Masonic Lodge locally. Since retiring from Fed-Ex, Jim and his wife are busy remodeling their new home on Baseline Line Road.

Tom Watt is retired, and continues to serve as Councillor at Large for the municipality of Douro-Dummer. Mr. Watt is eager to begin his tenure on our Facilitating Committee in this, the 25th year of the Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District.

Remembering Kenn Grainger

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough & District is saddened to share the passing of Past Chair and Pathway Inductee (2005) Kenn Grainger, who died January 18th, 2022 in his 95th year.

Anyone who knew Kenn, knew him to be proud, caring, compassionate, dedicated, genuine, generous and ultimately charming. His, was a life brimming with volunteerism and possibility. To the latter, most will remember his more recent exploits that saw the legally blind senior  make an assisted jump from an airplane and later, managing to get up on water skiis – all the while raising funds and awareness that retired individuals need not be merely ‘retiring’ in their attitude towards life.

Few will forget his 90th birthday party at Fairhaven, which saw Mr. Grainger, ever-dapper in tux and Florsheims, charming his guests from across the community at a gathering not to be missed – and he outlasted everyone.

Mr. Grainger was also a dedicated volunteer with the Pathway of Fame – a past Chair of the Facilitating Committee, and more recently taking on the responsibility of sales for the annual Pathway publication, ‘Footprints of Life.’ No one, it seems, was capable of saying ‘no’ to Kenn Grainger.

A dedicated friend to the community, various health challenges including the gradual loss of his eyesight did little more than slightly alter his stride. He would prove to find ways to strive forward, proving an inspiration to all through his charm, his wit, his commitment and his humanity.

His profile from 2005 on The Pathway of Fame website sums up the flavor, and the tenor of a man so many of us loved, and called a valued friend. He will be missed.

“The essence of a good community Samaritan lies in translating your love of community into action, and deed. Words are easy, actions aren’t always so. Kenn Grainger is a shining example of the best community Samaritanism. In spite of growing personal limitations, Kenn seemed to find the secret to a life of vitality by giving of himself, to making the lives of others better.

Over 50 years ago, Kenn began an ongoing involvement with the ‘Elmer The Safety Elephant’ program in area elementary schools. His affection for young people carried over into a longtime association with youth hockey and baseball and a 38-year relationship with the Peterborough Figure Skating Club.

Increasing vision difficulties spurred Kenn to involvement with the CNIB and the Kiwanis Club. Of course there’s his ongoing volunteer work with United Way, Hospital Foundation, YMCA, Kinsmen Club and K-40 Club. In recognition of his community service, Kenn was presented with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and an Ontario Ministry of Education award. Both awards recognized his work with school children.

Although legally blind, Kenn raised money and scratched a few activities from his bucket list at the same time by doing an assisted jump from a plane, and water skiing.

When it comes to love of one’s community, Kenn Grainger has certainly ‘talked the good talk.’ But unlike so many others, he has backed those words with a lifetime of action.”


With the Christmas Season now here, The Pathway of Fame of Peterborough and District is asking the community to consider nominating someone deserving of recognition to The Pathway as a gesture of goodwill befitting the season.

While the call for nominations is heightened in the spring (admittedly we reference an April 30th deadline for submissions to be considered for the current calendar year), nominations can be submitted at any time throughout the year. As we are now in the season known for generosity and goodwill, recognizing an individual, or individuals who have had a lasting, and positive impact on the community would translate to a unique gift, at this time of giving.

The Pathway also encourages groups and organizations to consider nominating a deserving individual in any of the available categories:  Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Literary, Entertainment / Musical, Cultural Betterment, Community Samaritan, Community Builder, or Media.

A one-page nomination form can be downloaded as a pdf from The Pathway of Fame is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022.

Postcards from The Pathway

This week, none other than one of our first inductees into the Pathway of Fame during our inaugural year in 1998: author, and Canadian literary icon Margaret Laurence.

A major figure in Canadian literature, Margaret Laurence is admired for brilliant novels such as ‘The Stone Angel,’ ‘The Diviners’ and ‘Jest of God.’ An opportunity to serve as ‘writer in residence’ at Trent University in the mid-seventies led to a love affair with the Kawartha region.

To that end, Ms. Laurence settled in Lakefield, serving as Chancellor of Trent University from 1981 to 1983. Forever embracing the concepts of humanitarianism and self-examination, Margaret’s books have been translated into dozens of languages and remain bestsellers around the world.

In recognition of her immense contribution to nuclear disarmament, as environmentalist, peace activist and an active member of Canadian culture, Margaret Laurence received honourary degrees from no fewer than 12 universities. She was named as a Fellow of The Royal Society of Canada, and made a Companion of the Order of Canada.

DID YOU KNOW: Although somewhat reclusive, Ms. Laurence – for many years – donated a luncheon in her home with the author as part of the annual fundraiser for the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra. The successful bidder was treated to a private meal and a few precious hours with the author, going home with not only memories of an incredible experience but also with autographed copies of two of her books. In 1982, while co-hosting the annual ‘Dream Auction’ broadcast on CHEX 980, future GM of the Peterborough and District Chamber of Commerce Stuart Harrison remarked that he had been speaking with the successful bidder the year prior and was told the time spent with Ms. Laurence was “nothing short of fascinating.”

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District facilitates induction of deserving individuals having made a lasting, positive impact on, or within the community. The not-for-profit, grassroots organization celebrates its 25 anniversary in 2022.

Pathway Seeks Treasurer

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

Leadership Changes, Pathway Seeks Treasurer

Peterborough, ON – The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough & District would like to acknowledge a number of dedicated individuals who have supported the organization with their time and expertise:

Wellington (Wimpy) Borland of Peterborough has tirelessly served the Pathway for a number of years, assuming various roles along the way including, but not limited to the coveted, ‘bell-ringing’ position of ‘Speech Timing Tech.’

Garry, & Ruth Johnson of Peterborough have recently stepped away from our Facilitating Committee, but will continue to assist on-site for the annual Induction Ceremony at the Showplace Performance Center each September.

Pam Partridge is a familiar face to our valued sponsors, and will continue to support advertising sales in our annual Footprints of Life magazine – a major source of our funding – from Eastern Canada, to which she has relocated.

The Pathway wishes to thank the aforementioned for their service, and generosity to our organization.

The Pathway of Fame is actively seeking community-minded citizens interested in serving on our Facilitating Committee, and welcomes David Goyette as a director. Mr. Goyette is a recent inductee to The Pathway, joining the august group this year.

We are also actively seeking a qualified individual to serve as the organization’s Treasurer, effective the first of January. The position would be voluntary.

Interested individuals are asked to contact Gordon Gibb, Communications Liaison, via email:


The Leadership Team


FIRST VICE CHAIR:                                               Geoff Hewitson

SECOND VICE CHAIR:                                         Graham Hart

DIRECTOR AT LARGE:                                         Kenn Grainger

SECRETARY:                                                          Heather Aiton Landry

ARCHIVIST:                                                            Elwood Jones

DIRECTORS:                                                          Doreen Brockwell

                                                                                  Gordon Gibb

                                                                                  David Goyette

AD SALES:                                                              Pam Partridge


                                                                                 Ruth Johnson                                                         

We’re Looking…

The Facilitating Committee governing the Pathway of Fame for Peterborough and District is currently seeking a qualified volunteer to join our committee – and specifically, to assume the role of Treasurer.

A background, and proficiency in accounting and book keeping would be an asset, as would some familiarity with the workings, and requirements of a not-for-profit organization.As a member of our Facilitating Committee, you would be joining a proud, grassroots organization that has succeeded in honouring hundreds of people for their contributions to our community in the Arts and Humanities for nearly 25 years. The Committee currently meets via ZOOM once per month on Wednesday evenings for about an hour, at which financial reports are submitted, and approved.

This is a strictly volunteer position. If interested, please reply in confidence to The Pathway in care of and you will be put in touch with our Committee Chair.

And please feel free to browse our web site at

Thank you!

Update to 2021 Induction

As of this writing (August 19th) The Pathway of Fame continues to have clearance from local health authorities and the Showplace Performance Centre to host a small, in-person induction ceremony downstairs at the Nexicom Lounge on September 11th for our 2021 inductees. Specifics of the event are still being finalized. However, we can tell you that our plan is to have our 2021 inductees and selected guests in attendance to accept their honours – to a limit of 50 people for the entire event: this would include inductees, Pathway of Fame personnel, as well as selected guests and dignitaries. Masking and social distancing protocols will be in place, and enforced to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

We are also finalizing a brief presentation by which we can acknowledge last year’s honourees, due to the last-minute cancellation of the 2020 induction ceremony due to the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst recommendations from health experts. We will cancel this year as well if things worsen between now and September 11th. However, we continue to move forward with the expectation that our event will proceed.

Please note that due space and COVID-19 protocol limitations, this event will NOT be open to the public. However a production crew from YourTV will be recording the entire event for later broadcast on the COGECO cable platform.

In closing, we look forward to inviting our honourees to pass through the ceremonial trellis and onto The Pathway of Fame, complete with engraved granite markers on the actual pathway that weaves through Del Crary Park. Please watch for these latest additions when you next stroll through our proud midtown park on the shores of Little Lake:

David Goyette (cultural/community betterment)

Graham Hart (media)

Brian MacDonald (dramatic arts)

Dr. Ramesh Makhija (cultural/community betterment)

John Mariasine (media)

Megan Murphy (cultural/community betterment)

Paul Rellinger (cultural/community betterment)

David Sutherland (community builder)      

Our New Inductees: The Class of 2021

The Third Wave of the pandemic may have been raging, but the Nominations Committee for the Pathway of Fame rallied to the task nonetheless with an armload of ZOOM sessions, masks, Purell and tape measures to arrive at our Class of 2021. In alphabetical order, may we present:

David Goyette (Cultural/Community Betterment)

Selflessly donating his time and resources to a variety of community organizations and causes, remains at the heart of David Goyette’s existence. His skills as musician, artist, painter and writer serve to augment a life that has contributed much to the local landscape.

Graham Hart (Media)

As the decades-long ‘face’ of CHEX Television prior to his retirement, Graham Hart achieved a broadcast legacy in this community without equal. His selfless community service to countless organizations as an active board member, event host and ambassador has brought him countless honours, and accolades.

Brian MacDonald (Dramatic Arts)

Brian MacDonald’s unbridled passion for theatre has brought him numerous acting roles and directorial opportunities – but his co-founding and chairmanship of Arts For Awareness has exemplified his belief in the power of The Arts as a vehicle for raising awareness of social issues.

Dr. Ramesh Makhija (Cultural/Community Betterment)

Chemist Ramesh Makhija’s research into environmental challenges has earned him local, as well as national distinction and has led to a number of related initiatives, Peterborough’s blue box collection program among them. But he has always made time, to give back.

John Mariasine (Media)

As the warm, and inclusive morning voice of 1420 CKPT radio for 20 years, John Mariasine’s stellar broadcast career served as an inroad to his involvement with a variety of local initiatives and causes, together with his unwavering commitment to his audience, and to his community.

Megan Murphy (Cultural/Community Betterment)

Blessed with a spark and quick wit that endears her instantly to others, Megan Murphy’s talents as an actress, filmmaker, musician and radio personality are surpassed only by a giving nature that has benefitted a number of community causes.  Megan joins her late father, Marty Murphy, a lawyer and respected community Samaritan, who was inducted to The Pathway in 2014.

Paul Rellinger (Cultural/Community Betterment)

From camping out on the roof of The Brick to raising funds for Habitat For Humanity, helping an adult learner attain reading skills to emceeing a benefit for someone in need, Paul Rellinger’s inability to say ‘No’ guarantees he is rarely seen on the sidelines.

David Sutherland (Community Builder)

As the founding president of Sir Sandford Fleming College, the late David Sutherland’s nurturing of the College’s connections with the community it serves laid the groundwork for the future, including Fleming’s ongoing association with Trent University.


A total of 22 nominations were considered by the impartial Nominations Committee for this years’ class of Inductees. Now comes the task of readying the engraved markers for the actual pathway located in Del Crary Park, followed by planning for what will likely be a scaled-down, ‘pandemic’ version of our annual ceremony in The Nexicom Lounge at Showplace Performance Center, currently scheduled for September 11th.

Congratulations to our 2021 Inductees!

Our Inductees Offer Their Thanks

We love getting mail – and recently we took delivery of two poignant letters from Class of 2020 Inductees Ann Douglas (Literary) and Rosemary McConkey (Cultural/Community Betterment). We would like to share them with you…

Rosemary McConkey writes:

“We have drunk from the wells that others have dug

                 and we have been warmed by the fires that others have lit”

History deserves a memory, and memory deserves a face.

Some 23 years ago a “handful of founders” of the Peterborough Pathway of Fame made this happen.  I call them the Pathfinders.  They gave the

community, the county, the area’s history the face of residents, and how they gave to Peterborough.

On entering the Pathway of Fame are the words, “Here we celebrate the gift of  our Creator” etched in granite.  Some  23 years ago these Pathfinders

had the wisdom and the courage to greet the visitor entering the path with this prayer of thanksgiving.

As you walk the trail through Del Crary Park in the heart of our city, it is bordered with the “faces” of those who represent the citizens of the

community past and present, and yet to come – a legacy, a “face” for history.  I am overwhelmed by the legacy of the seven honoured in 2020

and with whom I walk today through the Trellis.  I am humbled by the honour which the Committee and the person who nominated me has

bestowed upon me; to be a member of this Peterborough Pathway of Fame group who have given so much to our community.  Congratulations and

thank you for your admirable dedication which will echo down the years to come.”


Ann Douglas shares the remarks she prepared, had the burgeoning pandemic not prompted the eventual cancellation of our traditional induction ceremony in September:

It Takes a Village to Raise a Writer

“Today is an exciting day for me.

I am thrilled and honoured to be one of this year’s inductees into the Peterborough Pathway of Fame.

I am grateful that Peterborough has chosen me—just as I chose Peterborough.

My husband Neil and I made a conscious decision to move to the city back in 1988, when we were expecting our first child. We were attracted to Peterborough because of its high quality of life and because it was reasonably affordable for a young family. That way, our mortgage would be a little less crushing—although, to be fair, it still felt pretty crushing at the time!

Having a bit of financial wiggle room proved to be the game changer for me as a writer. I didn’t have to work full-time at a day job and then try to write books in the evening, after the four kids had gone to bed. I could afford to make writing my day job—to see if I actually had what it takes to establish a career as an author.

As it turns out, that gamble paid off. My books have sold over three-quarters of a million copies to date; and I just started work on a brand new book—Book 26, if anyone is keeping track.

But here’s the thing: I worry about the up-and-coming generation of writers. Will they have the same opportunity to pursue their writing dreams here in Peterborough, just as I did?

The math doesn’t seem to add up.

According to The Writers’ Union of Canada—Canadian’s national association for published authors—a typical Canadian author makes just less than $10,000 a year.  That’s roughly 75 percent less than it was two decades ago, back when my very first book was being published. It’s never been easy to make a living as a writer in Canada, but in recent years it has become a whole lot harder.

And given that houses in Peterborough are getting more expensive, not less (an average home in the city now sells for well over a half-million dollars), I’m worried that the up-and-coming generation of Canadian writers simply won’t be able to afford to make Peterborough their home, like I did.

It’s pretty clear that those sky-high housing prices pose an existential threat to the local arts community. And so today I want to urge everyone in Peterborough who cares about the arts to understand the need to invest in arts funding and to ensure an adequate supply of artist-friendly housing (in other words, housing that artists can actually afford to live in).

The City of Peterborough’s 2012 Municipal Cultural Plan noted that investment in arts, culture, and heritage yields an 18-to-one return on investment. That means that every dollar that a municipality invests in arts, culture, or heritage attracts roughly $18 dollars in added investment. And that’s just considering the impact of the arts in terms of dollars and cents. It’s impossible to calculate what the arts actually contribute to our collective quality of life.

So that, in a nutshell, is my hope for Peterborough—the community where I chose to raise my family and where I had the privilege of being able to establish my career as a writer.

I hope that Peterborough will acknowledge and celebrate its arts community in the very same way that I am being celebrated today.

I may be the writer whose name is being added to the Pathway of Fame, but it truly takes a village to raise a writer.

Thank you for being my village and for continuing to be the village for other writers.


Our thanks to both Ann and Rosemary for sharing  their thoughts and their words – and we thank them, too for their valued and generous contributions to our wonderful community.


Nominations for the Class of 2021 Now Being Accepted

The Peterborough and District Pathway of Fame is now accepting nominations for our upcoming ‘Class of 2021.’

If you know of someone – a friend, a family member, or someone you respect in the community deserving of permanent and lasting recognition in the arts and humanities – music, theatre, wordsmiths and so on – please feel free to submit a nomination. Nomination forms will spell out the various categories that your nominee may fall into, and are available at Package Plus on Rink Street, or as a downloadable pdf document on the ‘NOMINEES’ page of this site, which you can then print out, fill in and forward by mail to the address listed. The required $10 fee as outlined on the nomination form can be paid by cheque, or by convenient e-transfer to

All too often we hear from people who wonder, sometimes aloud, why a certain someone isn’t in the Pathway of Fame? While there could be a number of reasons why this is so, one reason remains universal: no one becomes a member of The Pathway of Fame without a nomination from someone in the community. The Pathway of Fame itself does not nominate people: YOU do. So please nominate someone deserving of the honour. Your nominee will then be included for consideration by an impartial committee comprised of various members of the community who are not associated in any way with the Pathway of Fame, in order to achieve a fair, and equitable decision  that is made without bias or favour.

Your nominee just may, this summer, get to walk The Pathway of Fame and proudly show friends and family their unique, personalized stone marker inlaid into the Pathway that denotes their impact on the community.

But none of that happens, without a nomination.

Please do so…

Deadline is April 30th!