Pathway of Fame to Explore New Initiative

For 25 years the Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District has been focused on celebrating the previous, and in many cases ongoing efforts of those who have devoted a lifetime to volunteerism.

Going forward, it is our intent to explore the recognition of young people who are just embarking on such a path.

To that end, we acknowledge the contributions of young people who are already actively giving of their time and talents towards the benefit of others. And we would like to recognize and encourage those efforts through a new category: ‘Youth Ambassador.’

As an ongoing legacy, we intend to spend the next year seeking guidance and partnerships with various stakeholders to help identify criteria, facilitate nominations, and achieve the ultimate goal of recognizing a Youth Ambassador as part of our annual Induction – and as a part of our legacy going forward, for the next 25 years for the Peterborough and District Pathway of Fame.

It is our ultimate hope that this initiative, providing all goes well in establishing its genesis and structure, will not only put the spotlight on adolescents already on the track to a lifetime of volunteerism, but will serve the dual purpose of encouraging young people to consider the value, and rewards of volunteerism.

Please check back with us for additional details and progress throughout the year.

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