David Goyette Steps Up for The Pathway

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District would like to take this opportunity to thank DAVID GOYETTE for his recent donation towards furthering the work of The Pathway.  An inductee to The Pathway of Fame (Class of 2021) and for a time, a member of our Facilitating Committee and invaluable with his expertise (as well as financially) towards our successful 25th anniversary concert at Showplace, David has kindly extended what we can characterize as a generous donation towards the ongoing efforts of The Pathway of Fame.

Given that The Pathway operates without any source of stable funding beyond donations, advertising revenue from our annual ‘Footprints of Life’ magazine, and other sponsor support – such unexpected gifts from the community are welcome.

It has, and remains our fundamental priority to honour the tireless efforts of local citizens in the arts and humanities based on nominations provided by the community at large – nominees who are selected by a citizen’s committee operating independently of the Pathway Fame, ensuring that both the nomination and selection process is truly representative of the community.

The Pathway takes care of the rest. We arrange for customized engraved granite markers, produce and publish ‘Footprints of Life,’ the glossy magazine that serves as the official publication of The Pathway, and a welcome keepsake for inductees and their families. Together with Showplace – our hosts – we stage a suitably grand induction ceremony along with the presentation of framed certificates, for which we also arrange.

Thanks to our major sponsors, we have managed to maintain this important community asset, and remain duly proud of what it represents – the capacity to recognize deserving citizens in a lasting, public setting. But there have been times when we’ve carried on, with the cupboard almost bare.

Thus, we are so grateful for donors such as David Goyette in stepping forward  – as have others previously  – helping us with the ongoing work of The Pathway.

Anyone wishing to make a donation, or perhaps even a bequest to further the work of the Pathway, are invited to contact us.

We thank you.    

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