The desire to pay tribute to this area’s abundant arts and culture contributors has been one that has been expressed on many occasions and during many a conversation over various kinds of libations for a long time.

It was just such a conversation that engendered the idea of the Pathway of Fame. In late fall of 1996 and early 1997, a group of like minded individuals, Sean Eyre, Johnny Driscoll (the promoter not the journalist), Graham Hart, Ada Lee, Barb Bell, Fr. Heffernan and John Morris, met to discuss the possibility of some form of fitting tribute for those who should be recognized for their talent. With the initial guidance and nurturing of Ken Doherty, Manager of the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives, who focused the group upon its impending task, the reality of what is now the Pathway of Fame came into being.

Many meetings, many ideas and the complete commitment of a number of individuals have resulted in a unique, all-encompassing manner in which to honour our heritage. There is a tremendous wealth of talented, community minded persons who, by their living and working here enrich Peterborough and District and now have the opportunity to be honoured for their contribution.

It was with a great sense of accomplishment mixed with humility that the Founding Committee staged the first Induction Ceremony on Saturday July 18, 1998 in Del Crary Park.

The Pathway of Fame salutes all those who in any way support its quest to make deserving people, past and present, recipient of Pathway of Fame recognition in return for the colour and character they have imparted to the community site.

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