The Pathway Congratulates Rosemary McConkey

Our congratulations to Peterborough historian, genealogist and Pathway of Fame inductee Rosemary McConkey on the release of her new book Green Routes, a focus on the Peter Robinson settlers, and their descendants.

McConkey commenced work on the book in 2017, writing the manuscript in long hand, with the goal of having it ready for publishing by 2023.

And Rosemary met her deadline.

“I wanted to put something out before the public in our area, two years before the bicentenary for the Robinson immigration of 1825,” McConkey said, in comments to The Peterborough Examiner. “That would bring back historical interest of this important immigration.”

In writing  the book, our Class of 2020 inductee wanted to ensure the story engaged readers, as opposed to droning on akin to a historical research paper.

“I think history has to have a face,” she told Peterborough’s oldest newspaper. “So, I’ve given an historical perspective, and literary perspective as well.”

Green Routes was published in association with the Trent Valley Archives.

Congratulations to Rosemary McConkey – author, historian, and Pathway of Fame inductee!

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