Congratulations to Drew Hayden Taylor

Our congratulations to Pathway of Fame Inductee Drew Hayden Taylor (Class of 2018). The Curve Lake First Nation author and playwright took home a Canadian Screen Award earlier this week for the documentary “The Pretendians.”

The CBC feature, hosted by Hayden Taylor, received the prestigious Donald Brittain award for best social/political documentary program.

The documentary was partly filmed in Taylor’s home community of Curve Lake First Nation, and explores the appropriation of Indigenous identity and culture by non-Indigenous people.

It first aired last September on CBC-TV’s “The Passionate Eye.”

Taylor was also nominated for best writing for “The Pretendians,” as well as best host for the APTN documentary series “Going Native.”

The hardware was handed out in Toronto on Tuesday, April 11th.

David Goyette Steps Up for The Pathway

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District would like to take this opportunity to thank DAVID GOYETTE for his recent donation towards furthering the work of The Pathway.  An inductee to The Pathway of Fame (Class of 2021) and for a time, a member of our Facilitating Committee and invaluable with his expertise (as well as financially) towards our successful 25th anniversary concert at Showplace, David has kindly extended what we can characterize as a generous donation towards the ongoing efforts of The Pathway of Fame.

Given that The Pathway operates without any source of stable funding beyond donations, advertising revenue from our annual ‘Footprints of Life’ magazine, and other sponsor support – such unexpected gifts from the community are welcome.

It has, and remains our fundamental priority to honour the tireless efforts of local citizens in the arts and humanities based on nominations provided by the community at large – nominees who are selected by a citizen’s committee operating independently of the Pathway Fame, ensuring that both the nomination and selection process is truly representative of the community.

The Pathway takes care of the rest. We arrange for customized engraved granite markers, produce and publish ‘Footprints of Life,’ the glossy magazine that serves as the official publication of The Pathway, and a welcome keepsake for inductees and their families. Together with Showplace – our hosts – we stage a suitably grand induction ceremony along with the presentation of framed certificates, for which we also arrange.

Thanks to our major sponsors, we have managed to maintain this important community asset, and remain duly proud of what it represents – the capacity to recognize deserving citizens in a lasting, public setting. But there have been times when we’ve carried on, with the cupboard almost bare.

Thus, we are so grateful for donors such as David Goyette in stepping forward  – as have others previously  – helping us with the ongoing work of The Pathway.

Anyone wishing to make a donation, or perhaps even a bequest to further the work of the Pathway, are invited to contact us.

We thank you.    

Time for Nominations for the Class of 2023

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District is once again seeking nominations from the community for this year’s class of inductees to The Pathway. Deadline is April 30th.

It is no secret that our community benefits greatly from a wealth of volunteerism, performance, literary pearls and other individual efforts which combine to create the rich heritage enjoyed by this community in the arts and humanities. The Pathway of Fame was created in 1997 to honour those who have given of themselves so selflessly for a period of years, or a lifetime.

Nominations can be made for deserving individuals in any one of the following categories: Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Literary, Entertainment / Musical, Cultural Betterment, Community Samaritan, Community Builder, or Media. A one-page nomination form is available to download as a pdf from the Pathway of Fame website at the following link: or as a hard copy from Package Plus on Rink Street. There is a cost of $10 per nomination.

The Pathway also encourages groups and organizations to consider nominating a deserving individual in any of the available categories.

While nominations can be made throughout the year, the annual deadline for nominations is historically April 30th, in order to provide ample time for The Pathway to process, and vet the various nominations received.

It is also important to note The Pathway of Fame is not directly involved, in any way, with the decision-making process as to whom is selected for induction. Nominations come from the community at large, and are then vetted by a citizen’s committee appointed each year to review the nominations, and recommend nominees for induction. In this way, The Pathway of Fame is merely the facilitator: nominations are made, and inductees selected by the community, for the community. Historically, The Pathway has consistently followed the recommendations of the citizen-led Nominations Committee.

Successful inductees are honoured each September with an event hosted at Showplace Performance Center, with names engraved onto individual granite markers permanently installed along the Pathway of Fame at Del Crary Park.

The Pathway of Fame is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization comprised of community volunteers. We honoured our first Class of Inductees in 1998.

The Pathway thanks NEXICOM, the official internet provider and site host for The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District. This year, Nexicom is celebrating its 125th year.

The Pathway Congratulates Rosemary McConkey

Our congratulations to Peterborough historian, genealogist and Pathway of Fame inductee Rosemary McConkey on the release of her new book Green Routes, a focus on the Peter Robinson settlers, and their descendants.

McConkey commenced work on the book in 2017, writing the manuscript in long hand, with the goal of having it ready for publishing by 2023.

And Rosemary met her deadline.

“I wanted to put something out before the public in our area, two years before the bicentenary for the Robinson immigration of 1825,” McConkey said, in comments to The Peterborough Examiner. “That would bring back historical interest of this important immigration.”

In writing  the book, our Class of 2020 inductee wanted to ensure the story engaged readers, as opposed to droning on akin to a historical research paper.

“I think history has to have a face,” she told Peterborough’s oldest newspaper. “So, I’ve given an historical perspective, and literary perspective as well.”

Green Routes was published in association with the Trent Valley Archives.

Congratulations to Rosemary McConkey – author, historian, and Pathway of Fame inductee!

Pathway of Fame to Explore New Initiative

For 25 years the Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District has been focused on celebrating the previous, and in many cases ongoing efforts of those who have devoted a lifetime to volunteerism.

Going forward, it is our intent to explore the recognition of young people who are just embarking on such a path.

To that end, we acknowledge the contributions of young people who are already actively giving of their time and talents towards the benefit of others. And we would like to recognize and encourage those efforts through a new category: ‘Youth Ambassador.’

As an ongoing legacy, we intend to spend the next year seeking guidance and partnerships with various stakeholders to help identify criteria, facilitate nominations, and achieve the ultimate goal of recognizing a Youth Ambassador as part of our annual Induction – and as a part of our legacy going forward, for the next 25 years for the Peterborough and District Pathway of Fame.

It is our ultimate hope that this initiative, providing all goes well in establishing its genesis and structure, will not only put the spotlight on adolescents already on the track to a lifetime of volunteerism, but will serve the dual purpose of encouraging young people to consider the value, and rewards of volunteerism.

Please check back with us for additional details and progress throughout the year.

Pathway of Fame Day is September 10th

It’s official: September 10th has been proclaimed ‘Pathway of Fame Day’ by both the County, and the City of Peterborough.

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District has for 25 years fostered the recognition, and inductions of deserving individuals who have contributed to the community in the arts and humanities. The very first induction – the Class of 1998 – occurred when the Pathway was already a year old, and had gone through the inaugural process of calling for, and accepting nominations that led to the very first crop of names. And well before that, establishing criteria, protocols and securing a home in Del Crary Park.

And now, we are 25 – with a proud roster of new honourees to be inducted the morning of Saturday, September 10th downstairs during an invitation-only ceremony in the Nexicom Lounge at Showplace, followed by The 25th Anniversary concert that evening in the newly-renovated upstairs theatre, beginning at 7:30pm and featuring Pathway inductees over the years.

Tickets are $25 in keeping with the occasion and are available online at this link:

You can also purchase tickets in person, as the box office at Showplace has reopened as of August 29th.

Come celebrate with us!

Introducing the Class of 2022


June 15, 2022

This morning, The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District announced our 2022 inductees for our 25th anniversary year:

David Carley (Dramatic Arts)

With more than 450 Canadian and American stage, radio and television productions having resulted from his storytelling talent, including several locally-staged plays, David Carley has won, and been nominated for, a number of honours, including a Governor General’s Award finalist distinction.

Kate Suhr (Entertainment)

Blessed with abundant musical and theatrical talent, PCVS graduate Kate Suhr has sung and acted her way into the hearts of audiences both near and distant while always taking the time to unselfishly perform in support of organizations and causes right here in her native Peterborough.

The Weber Brothers (Entertainment)

The Weber Brothers came to Peterborough from Maryland in 2000 to learn all they could about making and performing music from the legendary Ronnie Hawkins, learning very well to the tune of numerous studio albums, memorable performances locally as well as across North America and Europe, and charitable support of several local causes.    

Donald Glenn Forde (Cultural/Community Betterment)

As a former executive director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peterborough, Donald Glenn Forde set the organization on the path to success, all while contributing to his community as a minor hockey executive and as a multi-instrumentalist who performed with the likes of Del Crary and Bobby Kinsman during big band music’s heyday.  

Jacob Rodenburg (Cultural/Community Betterment)

For more than 30 years, Jacob Rodenburg has made environmental stewardship, sustainability and education his business, not only as executive director of Camp Kawartha and as a Trent University environmental education teacher but also as a developer of forward-thinking ‘green’ related programs and initiatives.

Lois Tuffin (Cultural/Community Betterment)

From the time she arrived in Peterborough, former newspaper editor Lois Tuffin has tirelessly employed her considerable communication and organizational skills to the benefit of a number of causes and events, including the Great Turkey Exchange that she started and has since fed more than 17,000 people during the holiday season.

John F. (Jack) Bardeau (Community Builder)

A combination of musicianship, service work and sports involvement saw John F. (Jack) Bardeau rarely sit still during his 44 years in Peterborough, the RCAF veteran’s work supporting the hearing impaired as a member of the Telephone Pioneers earning him Bell Canada’s Community Chest Award for Outstanding Citizenship.

David Adams (Community Builder)

For 26 years, David Adams was the face of the Five Counties Children’s Centre as its foundation’s executive director, endlessly promoting and heralding the groundbreaking treatment provided children with physical, communication and developmental needs while volunteering his time for a wide variety of community organizations and events.   

The formal induction of our 9 inductees will take place Saturday, September 10th at The Showplace Performance Center.

Our Leadership Additions

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District is pleased to welcome three new members to our Leadership Team, effective immediately.

Stephanie Bolender was Founding 1st Vice-Chair of The Pathway of Fame at its inception in 1997-1998, and served as assistant to fellow Director Barb Bell. Stephanie remained active with the Pathway Facilitating Committee until Bell’s death in 2008. Listeners to Trent Radio 92.7 may remember Stephanie as long-running co-host of a popular weekend country music program.

Jim Ross has volunteered at Showplace for the Pathway of Fame annual induction ceremony over the past four years. A fraternal associate of our Chair, Mr. Ross is a Past Master the Masonic Lodge locally. Since retiring from Fed-Ex, Jim and his wife are busy remodeling their new home on Baseline Line Road.

Tom Watt is retired, and continues to serve as Councillor at Large for the municipality of Douro-Dummer. Mr. Watt is eager to begin his tenure on our Facilitating Committee in this, the 25th year of the Pathway of Fame, Peterborough and District.

Remembering Kenn Grainger

The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough & District is saddened to share the passing of Past Chair and Pathway Inductee (2005) Kenn Grainger, who died January 18th, 2022 in his 95th year.

Anyone who knew Kenn, knew him to be proud, caring, compassionate, dedicated, genuine, generous and ultimately charming. His, was a life brimming with volunteerism and possibility. To the latter, most will remember his more recent exploits that saw the legally blind senior  make an assisted jump from an airplane and later, managing to get up on water skiis – all the while raising funds and awareness that retired individuals need not be merely ‘retiring’ in their attitude towards life.

Few will forget his 90th birthday party at Fairhaven, which saw Mr. Grainger, ever-dapper in tux and Florsheims, charming his guests from across the community at a gathering not to be missed – and he outlasted everyone.

Mr. Grainger was also a dedicated volunteer with the Pathway of Fame – a past Chair of the Facilitating Committee, and more recently taking on the responsibility of sales for the annual Pathway publication, ‘Footprints of Life.’ No one, it seems, was capable of saying ‘no’ to Kenn Grainger.

A dedicated friend to the community, various health challenges including the gradual loss of his eyesight did little more than slightly alter his stride. He would prove to find ways to strive forward, proving an inspiration to all through his charm, his wit, his commitment and his humanity.

His profile from 2005 on The Pathway of Fame website sums up the flavor, and the tenor of a man so many of us loved, and called a valued friend. He will be missed.

“The essence of a good community Samaritan lies in translating your love of community into action, and deed. Words are easy, actions aren’t always so. Kenn Grainger is a shining example of the best community Samaritanism. In spite of growing personal limitations, Kenn seemed to find the secret to a life of vitality by giving of himself, to making the lives of others better.

Over 50 years ago, Kenn began an ongoing involvement with the ‘Elmer The Safety Elephant’ program in area elementary schools. His affection for young people carried over into a longtime association with youth hockey and baseball and a 38-year relationship with the Peterborough Figure Skating Club.

Increasing vision difficulties spurred Kenn to involvement with the CNIB and the Kiwanis Club. Of course there’s his ongoing volunteer work with United Way, Hospital Foundation, YMCA, Kinsmen Club and K-40 Club. In recognition of his community service, Kenn was presented with the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal and an Ontario Ministry of Education award. Both awards recognized his work with school children.

Although legally blind, Kenn raised money and scratched a few activities from his bucket list at the same time by doing an assisted jump from a plane, and water skiing.

When it comes to love of one’s community, Kenn Grainger has certainly ‘talked the good talk.’ But unlike so many others, he has backed those words with a lifetime of action.”


With the Christmas Season now here, The Pathway of Fame of Peterborough and District is asking the community to consider nominating someone deserving of recognition to The Pathway as a gesture of goodwill befitting the season.

While the call for nominations is heightened in the spring (admittedly we reference an April 30th deadline for submissions to be considered for the current calendar year), nominations can be submitted at any time throughout the year. As we are now in the season known for generosity and goodwill, recognizing an individual, or individuals who have had a lasting, and positive impact on the community would translate to a unique gift, at this time of giving.

The Pathway also encourages groups and organizations to consider nominating a deserving individual in any of the available categories:  Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Literary, Entertainment / Musical, Cultural Betterment, Community Samaritan, Community Builder, or Media.

A one-page nomination form can be downloaded as a pdf from The Pathway of Fame is a grassroots, not-for-profit organization celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2022.