Yeotes Family

For many, altruism is a luxury. To Louis and Gus Yeotes and family, it’s a way of life.

In 1903, Louis Yeotes opened his first business on George Street and, for the next 74 years, embraced this community as few others have done. He donated money to almost every sports league in the city and purchased equipment for teams struggling through the Depression when money was scarce. To all charities and civic endeavours, he was a generous donor and the first major contributor to the Memorial Centre building fund. To honour his generosity and kindness to Peterborough, especially to the sporting community, Louis was inducted into the Peterborough & District Sports Hall of Fame.

Louis’ son, Gus, has followed his father’s footsteps. For over 25 years, he’s freely made available Lakeview Bowl to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Gus and his family continued to make substantial donations to a multitude of local causes, including Sports Hall of Fame, Showplace, Save The Town Clock fund and Peterborough Regional Health Centre, until they ultimately retired from the business.

For a century, the Yeotes Family has been a vital part of the Peterborough community and, for a century, far too many individuals and organizations – to even begin to mention – have benefited from their heartwarming generosity and kindness.

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