William Wright

When discussing the talents of certain musicians, a phrase is often heard: “It’s in his blood.” That’s certainly very true of inductee William Wright.

Bill started on the drums at age ten and was soon performing in clubs long before he was old enough to partake of the ‘refreshments’ those clubs offered…

Bill’s first taste of the road came when he joined the band of ‘rock’n roll’ star Ray Smith, touring Canada and the U.S. He later played Las Vegas with Canadian pop legend, Bobby Curtola. Locally, Bill gained acclaim performing with such luminaries as Dino And The Capris, the Brian Browne Trio and Stu McCue & Wildwind.

In 1964, Bill opened Wright’s Music on George Street, which became a centre for Peterborough’s musical life. Bill taught many aspiring musicians, and his shop housed the local Academy of Music and the Musicians Union with which Bill was very active.

As performer, teacher, union supporter and businessman, there’s no doubt music remained a foundation, flowing through the veins of Bill Wright.

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