William Peryer (1886-1954)

Captain William H. Peryer was, without doubt, Peterborough’s most famous bandmaster.

Born in England, William Peryer came to Peterborough from Cleveland to assume the leadership of the Salvation Army Temple Band.  It was under his 40 year direction the Salvation Army Band toured Britain in 1914.  During the war, Peryer led the 59th Battalion Band overseas, gaining rank of Captain-Director of Music, and personal admiration from King George V.

Until his retirement in 1950, William Peryer served as musical director for several Peterborough brass bands, and played trumpet in the Grand Opera orchestra.  If you’re old enough to have enjoyed Sunday concerts in the park, featuring a wonderful mix of show tunes, hymns and military music, chances are those brass bands were under the direction of William Peryer.

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