The Kulla Brothers

Canada is a country of immigrants. In a true sense, we’re all visitors. We, our parents or ancestors, have come from far away, from homelands that lost hope for the future. The Kulla Brothers are a shining example of those who adopted Canada as their home, Peterborough as their city, and made both a better place in which to live.

Jim, Mike and Eddie Kulla fled Communist Albania at the height of the Cold War. They faced grave physical danger, both to themselves and family members left behind, to seek freedom in a new land. The brothers settled in Peterborough, determined to explore the fullness of their potential. They worked hard to establish themselves as good corporate citizens and enthusiastic and caring members of the community. Many longtime Peterborough residents and visitors have fond memories of the Miss Diana Restaurant in Market Plaza, the Miss Diana Motor Hotel on Lansdowne and, more recently, Lakeside Dining in Lakefield.

By nature, the Kulla Brothers are warm and outgoing and – by being true to their nature – became unofficial ambassadors on behalf of Peterborough and Kawarthas. Through their generosity and charm, they put a human face to our City, and area, for thousands of residents and visitors.

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