Stephen Kylie

Few can claim to equal Stephen Kylie for his dedication and service to his community. He devotes so many volunteer hours to all his various pursuits that it gives one pause to wonder when he has time to pursue his law practice.

Stephen Kylie is one of those people who finds a great deal of satisfaction knowing he is contributing to the well-being, and strength of his community.

Stephen’s vision of a better, caring place in which to live is reflected by the committees in which he is involved. His focus is always on those who require a better standard of housing and care.

At present, Stephen is Chair of the Peterborough Poverty Reduction Network, as well as Chair of the Mount Community Centre. Both are challenging, and demanding responsibilities that Kylie handles with ease, together with an insight possessed by a select few.

Stephen Kylie proves, at every turn, that he is the man of the moment.

It is an impossibility to list Stephen’s volunteer pursuits, as space does not allow.

However we dare mention a few: Co-Chair of the Rotary Club Victoria Day Fireworks and Family Night (Peterborough); President of the Peterborough Diocese Good Shepard Foundation, and Vice-Chair of the Trent University Board of Governors – chairing the Executive and Property and Finance Committees.
He is widely respected among his peers as a pillar of the community and one who can be trusted to offer up thoughtful, caring advice on any problem presented and requested of him. As busy as he is, he always has time to help assist projects other than those which may be commanding his attention at any given moment.

Stephen Kylie’s greatest attribute is the complete devotion he freely offers to any, and all community or church project requesting his expertise.

It is because of people like Stephen Kylie, that our City and surrounding areas remain the jewels they are – and all, for his willingness to give of himself so unselfishly, in order to make it a better place in which to live, for all.

  • photo courtesy Clifford Skarstedt, The Peterborough Examiner
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