Paul ‘Streak’ Konkle

It’s an interesting human characteristic: a few strains of melody quickly releases a flood of memories; the good times we had in our youth. Part of such cherished memory belongs to musicians who gave form to melody.

One name that’s long been associated with musical good times in Peterborough area is Paul ‘Streak’ Konkle.

Paul was, to many a musical genius who could write arrangements as easily as other mere mortals could write down phone numbers. For several decades, he was one of the most respected guitar teachers in Peterborough, enabling countless young musicians to set sail on their own careers.

Yet, is is through his performing talents, that most will remember Paul Konkle. Solo or part of a small, or large ensemble, Paul charmed audiences with his musical ease and craftsmanship. He excelled as a valued member of many legendary bands, coming out of bygone eras in our history; working with names such as George Novotny, Hal MacFarland, Bobby Kinsman and Del Crary. It was a time when Saturday nights meant fun with friends and up-close live music. That’s where Paul shone.

Whether it’s dancing at The Aragon or relaxing at The Algonquin, musical memory and Paul ‘Streak Konkle was part of our lives.

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