Richard Hayman

For a true devotee, art is an integral element of life. It’s as essential to existence as food or oxygen. There’s no moment when an artist stops being an artist.

For much of his life, Richard Hayman has been consumed by his art.

As a respected artist and educator, Richard touched the lives of many in the community. In art, creating and teaching are part of the same thing. He first gained prominence teaching art at Lakefield College School. He went on to establish the Art School of Peterborough, There he expanded the artistic horizons of literally thousands of students by developing courses in pottery, etching, watercolours, as well as oils and portraiture. His personal creations adorn numerous collections, both public and private. Over the years, his commissioned portraits of Trent University’s presidents added a human flavour to the history of Peterborough’s remarkable university.

There’s no doubt, art is a talent. However, for Richard Hayman art is also a gift to be shared, and nurtured. It’s a reciprocal relationship. His accomplishments prove that by sharing art, you heighten and hone your own artistry.

The Kawarthas have been the beneficiary of that relationship.


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