Peter Ford (1937 – 2022)

To strive to be an accomplished musician is a credit to any individual. To teach generations of young people the joy that striving takes, is truly a remarkable individual. For over 30 years, Peter Ford instilled love of music and performance in countless local and area young people.

In the early 1960’s, Peter created a music department in the newly constructed Crestwood Secondary School. Very quickly, Crestwood had a performance-ready band under Peter’s guidance. To nurture the importance of performance, he organized numerous band trips and exchanges. He utilized the fundraising capacities of band members and their families, making these excursions family, and life experiences as well.

Over the years, Peter worked tirelessly to bring instrumental musical education to even younger students, encouraging the Board of Education to establish music programs for senior elementary students throughout the county.

After retirement, Peter continued to support, and encourage aspiring musicians through the formation of the StarFire Band and Wind Symphony. An equally amazing innovation begun by Peter is the New Horizons Band for seniors who had little, or no musical experience.

Peter Ford passed away on Christmas Day, 2022. He was 85.

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