Evelyn Foster

Eveline Foster is one of those rare and wonderful musicians who warmly combined her love of music with her love of family and community.

For near 60 years, Eveline charmed the Peterborough people as both performer and teacher. She taught piano and violin to such future luminaries as Del Crary, Ernie Victor and Stan McBride Sr.. As musician, she played at silent movies, numerous minstrel shows, the Peterborough Symphony, the YWCA and, on Saturday nights, the Sergeant’s Mess at the Armouries. A humble woman, she poured her heart into her music. Eveline once said she never did solo work because that would mean facing the audience. “They should be just enjoying the music,” she said, “not seeing me.”

In recognition of her dedication to music and community, a trophy in her name is awarded each year at the Kiwanis Music Festival. To those who knew her or felt her influence, Eveline Foster represents the best in our musical tradition: a love of people and the making of music for the pure joy of it.

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