Paul Wilson

To become acquainted with Paul Wilson is to know an individual who never stops promoting, supporting and contributing to the betterment of his community in so many ways.

Paul’s cheerful and outgoing manner makes him one of the best ambassadors the Peterborough area has ever had.
His position as the first Athletic Director at Trent University was characterized by his “sports for all” philosophy resulting in a special tribute wall in the University’s Athletic Building.

But it is in recognition of Paul Wilson’s selfless involvement in the Peterborough community which is being hailed by the Pathway of Fame.

Paul’s decade of service on City Council was marked by a civility combined with a constructive sense of humour to the workings of Council.  His contribution to the well-being of Peterborough citizens is legendary. Paul Wilson left an admirable legacy of achievement to many areas of the City. He is also a skillful, bright emcee who, over many years devoted his time to countless events for non-profit organizations.

Paul’s volunteer work with Cogeco Television (now Your TV, and well over 50 broadcasts a year) is well-known and respected for the fairness and common sense he contributes to the programs in which he is involved. David Feely, as of 2016 the Manager Programming and Community Relations unreservedly states, “(Your TV) is grateful to Paul for his dedication to the organization.”

His wife Gillian’s (Inducted 2003) immersion in Peterborough theatre has seen Paul become a great supporter as well. Paul, himself has brightened the stage in plays and revues, from time to time.

In so many areas of volunteer service Paul’s readiness to give of himself to the betterment of his community is an example to be emulated and admired.

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