Gillian Wilson

It’s the contention of many that a community is a living, organic entity. An individual is born into, or adopts a community; takes from the community, and gives back to the community.

In the case of Gillian Wilson, the balance is definitely tipped towards the ‘giving back’. For over 35 years, she’s been a vital member of Peterborough Theatre Guild as an actress, for which she received the Best Actress Award from the Eastern Ontario Drama League as production manager and director. She’s also directed four fundraisers for Showplace Peterborough.

As well, Gillian is an active member of The Art School of Peterborough and has directed two productions of Beyond The Fringe, to raise funds for the school.

Her tireless efforts in theatre, and on the boards confirm a belief that a community without a vital performance component is a community lacking in spirit, and vitality. Thanks to the creative dedication of individuals like Gillian Wilson, the performance component in Peterborough is very much alive, vital and growing.

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