Mary Stockdale

A wise person once said, “God is in the details.” It’s often an overlooked fact of life: the ‘little things’ that can derail an ambitious project and the faithfulness to detail is often the key to its success.

Case in point can be found in the persona of Mary Stockdale.

The Kawartha region takes great pride in hosting the Ontario Open Fiddle & Step Dance Contest each June, in Bobcaygeon. The event has become one of the area’s largest tourist draws, attracting performers and visitors literally from all over the world.

For near 30 years, Mary Stockdale served as secretary for The Ontario Open. Many would argue, without Mary’s meticulous attention to detail, The Open couldn’t have gained its present stature. Mary made her home the event headquarters and centre for correspondence, inquiries and dissemination of information.

To those familiar with her dedication, Mary was The Ontario Open

Along the way, Mary was a lifelong member of the Bobcaygeon Horticultural Society, an active member of Trinity United Church, and a founding force behind the Bobcaygeon Meals On Wheels program.

An eye for detail and passion for people: two very important ingredients in the success of any community endeavour. One needs only to ask the friends of Mary Stockdale.

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