Lloyd W. McCarrell (1918 – 1977)

Hard working and deeply religious, Lloyd McCarrell made the area a better place by putting his beliefs in the dignity of human life, into practice.

A North Monaghan farmer, Lloyd selflessly opened his home ,and heart to those less fortunate. Especially at Christmas, or any time a meal or place to stay was needed. Lloyd’s farmhouse became a haven for the homeless, and down-and-out.

That farmhouse, by the way, was already home to Lloyd, his wife and their 14 children.

The McCarrell home also served as a gathering place for local musicians and musical friends, such as Kent Brockwell and Stompin’ Tom Connors to come to play, and create music.

Lloyd McCarrell personified the best in human spirit by giving of himself to provide others with the four basics of life: food, warmth, love and music.

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