Dr. Jim and Anne McCallum

To see a need and to act upon it; to do the good act not for self-reward but because it is the right thing to do, is an admirable attribute.

Dr. Jim and Anne McCallum – in their own quiet and unassuming way and through their Friends of Honduran Children (FOHC) organization which they founded here in Peterborough – provide free medical, dental, and educational care, as well as building homes and schools for needy children in that country.

Both Dr. Jim and Anne are extremely community-minded, and support other local non-profit organizations. Recently they were successful at initiating a committee to accept refugees through their church community. Anne volunteers at her church and with St. Vincent de Paul. She deservedly received the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002.

It is through their efforts, together with those of several hundred volunteers who fuel the immense undertaking to provide for the extremely poor children of Honduras. In a country which does not offer the social, medical and support system such as we are blessed, Dr. Jim and Anne McCallum and Friends of Honduran Children serve as a social net for the Honduran poor.

Dr. Jim harbours a personal dream, and fervent wish that one day they will grow a children’s village into a settlement to house 500 orphaned, and abandoned children.

It is absolutely inspiring that among the citizens of Peterborough, are people such as Dr. Jim and Anne McCallum who truly live, and understand the credo “we, are our brother’s keeper.” They give of themselves on a daily basis to the care, and welfare of others.

True Samaritans indeed – Dr. Jim and Anne McCallum.

  • photo courtesy of KawarthaNOW
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