Jim Higgins

To be a popular influential figure in Canadian Country Music doesn’t necessarily mean you have to play and sing. To that end, Jim Higgins made remarkable contributions to local Country Music without ever picking up a guitar.

As broadcaster, promoter and executive, he introduced local and international performers to the area and broadened the appreciation of the music form among fans and followers.

Over the years, Jim became a familiar figure through his cable TV show, The World of Country Music, and his Classic Country radio show. He’s also influential in establishing the Victoria County Music Association and organizing The Grand Ole Night of Country Music at Academy Theatre. As well, he’s been a driving force behind many charity benefit shows in aid of worthy causes. Outside of music and broadcasting,

Jim is a also busy executive with the Peterborough Lakers, promoting lacrosse throughout the Kawartha region.

Jim Higgins is living proof that word of mouth, from the right mouth, can get the message across in music and community service.

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