Insp. D’Arcy Strickland

The Northwest Mounted Police was formed in 1873 as a federal police force to maintain law and order in remote areas of Canada where provincial and municipal policing wasn’t sufficient.  The Mounties were essential in maintaining Canadian boundaries and, in turn, protecting Canadian culture and identity.

Two local residents played significant roles in the evolution of Canada’s national police force.

Inspector D’Arcy Strickland of The Northwest Mounted Police helped define the Canadian frontier in the Yukon Gold Rush of 1897-1898 and later served as Adjutant to the Fifth Mounted Rifles during the Boer War.

Corporal George Hendren was the only Canadian selected to serve as bodyguard to British Commander Lord Roberts in the Boer War.  He also became a ‘charter’ member of The Royal Northwest Mounted Police when it was established in 1904.

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