Ian Hully

Ian Hully is genuinely worthy of the accolade “the consummate musician.” His talent is displayed equally through vocals, guitar, writing and sharing his expertise with all those he can assist to become better at their musical endeavours as well.

Ian has honed his distinctive style through years of travelling the continent and adjusting to bands that truly are too numerous to catalogue. His demeanor is low-key, but what he produces is dynamic. Ian Hully is constantly writing and producing. As he does, he finds his work evolving and changing in directions not even he, himself thought possible.

It can truly be recorded that from his first school guitar-playing experience through present-day, Ian has become an all-encompassing talent. The numerous bands in which he has played, the hundreds of songs he has composed, the countless musicians with whom he has shared the stage as well as his recording studio, are a testament to his continuing quest to be the very best at his craft.

Peterborough is the richer for the sharing of his talent whenever, and wherever he can. The Pathway of Fame is certainly richer in having for Ian Hully among its Honourees.

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