Reverend Floyd Howlett

To be a true community Samaritan, it seems necessary to do two things: robustly speak out regarding important causes, and provide quiet comfort and assistance to distressed individuals, without fanfare. These two qualities were personified with grace, and dignity in the Reverend Floyd Howlett.

Reverend Howlett began his life of commitment protesting the treatment of Japanese Canadians during World War II. That led to work as a United Church missionary in Japan.

Returning to Canada, he became passionately involved with the Peterborough branch of Project Ploughshares, campaigning for world peace and disarmament. Floyd and his wife, Sheila were selfless supporters of the New Canadians Centre, even opening their home to needy refugee families. Floyd shared his dedication and energy with the Social Planning Council of Peterborough, Kairos and Natwin program, which twins Peterborough with the northern Ontario reserve of Mishkegogamang.

The life of Reverend Floyd Howlett is proof that, although the distance between words and actions may be great, the journey is well worth the travel…

Reverend Howlett passed away the year following his induction, in 2003.

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