Horace ‘Olly’ Sturgeon

Many know Horace ‘Olly’ Sturgeon as a talented cartoonist whose work appeared in the Peterborough Examiner.

However, Olly’s most meaningful gift to Peterborough’s citizens was to impart knowledge and pride in Canada’s contribution in the two World Wars. A veteran of World War II and longtime member of the Royal Canadian Legion, Olly proved a driving force in cataloguing, and preserving war memorabilia at the Peterborough Legion branch.

Overcoming personal shyness, he undertook numerous presentations at area schools, ensuring young people developed an abiding respect and admiration for Canadian sacrifices and, particularly, the men and women from Peterborough making the cause for freedom. He remained selfless in assisting widows and families, in unearthing true stories of what happened to their loved ones.

For his quiet efforts, Olly Sturgeon received a lifetime membership to the Royal Canadian Legion, and The Governor General’s Award of Merit.

In as impersonal a world as the aftermath of global war, Olly Sturgeon presents one shining human face.

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