Alta Whitfield

Dignity, dedication, caring and good, old-fashioned hard work is characteristic of a life, well-lived.

Alta Whitfield demonstrated these qualities and more in whatever pursuit she followed.  With strong ties to family and church, Alta served as an educator in Peterborough area schools, and at Fleming College.  She thrived as a successful business person.

Her resume of community service includes tireless volunteer hours in the fields of education, health care and cultural history.  In many aspects of her life, Alta was a pioneer.  She’s the only woman, in over 170 years, to serve on North Monaghan Township Council and, later, as Reeve.  She’s also the first woman to chair the Peterborough Civic Hospital Board of Directors.

For her dedication to a long life of service, Alta was awarded a fellowship by Fleming College, and a nomination as the YWCA Woman of the Year.

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