Gerry O’Connor

It’s possible to live in a community without really being part of it. With his unselfish devotion of time, energy, commitment and caring, Gerry O’Connor was very much a part of this community. For 12 years he served on Peterborough City council, however his love for Peterborough didn’t stop there.

He was instrumental in developing Del Crary Park, and the creation of Peterborough’s three major shopping malls. He enjoyed local sports, and served in several capacities with Peterborough Minor Hockey and Minor Lacrosse Associations.

It was, however his enthusiastic support of Snofest, Peterborough’s annual winter carnival, for which he will be most fondly remembered. Serving as Snofest’s chairperson for 23 years, he embodied a spirit that made Snofest the success it remains today. ‘Mr. Snofest’ helped to make winter a brighter, and warmer time for all.

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