Alan Nunn (1920 – 2004)

For a true actor, performance isn’t simply something you do at an appointed time, at an appointed place. For a free spirit performance, like a stage of life, knows no boundaries. It’s in the air, like breath itself. When boundlessness of performance comes to mind, so too does the memory of Alan Nunn.

Alan began his life pursuit, on stage, by attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London following World War II. An acting life took him all over Britain and North America. He trod the boards for such illustrious companies as The Old Vic, Birmingham Repertory Company and both Stratford and Shaw Festivals, to name a few. He served as house manager at O’Keefe Centre, and taught theatre at Seneca College. Settling in Peterborough, he utilized performance as a means of engaging community members. Alan founded the Lakefield Readers Theatre, taught Shakespeare, read to seniors, wrote the historical mystery ‘M’Kenzie’s Cloak’ for young people, and recorded books for the CNIB.

Alan Nunn’s love of theatre and performance is an inherent part of his spirit and life force. For Alan, the stage wasn’t a division that divided performer from audience. Rather, it was a river that joined all of us in the flow of life.


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