Gail Corbett

In the eyes of many, a writer’s life is a solitary one, locked away in a small room, alone with one’s thoughts and the creative process. However, when you add a dimension of reaching out and a willingness to touch others on a number of levels, then the life of a writer takes on a fresh and meaningful vitality. Gail Corbett is a writer who has reached out, as well as taken in.

As historical writer, Gail’s books, such as ‘Barnardo Children in Canada,’ ‘Portraits,’ ‘Country Churches,’ and ‘Katherine Wallis’ add much to our appreciation of local and national history. Her life is also one of passing-on and sharing the craft of writing. For over 20 years, she’s taught creative writing at Fleming College and conducted numerous lectures and workshops. Gail is also a compelling force, especially locally, with the Canadian Authors Association.

For those of us living in the Kawarthas, Gail has given two precious gifts; a sense of community for aspiring writers and a sense of our own history. It’s often said of history and tradition that what is not written down will be forgotten.

Gail Corbett has written it down, so we shall not forget.

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