Earl Spencley

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

The news story printed in the Toronto Daily Star, Monday May 21, 1951 describing a devastating fire in Peterborough, tells it best. The details contained therein, make it quite evident why Earl Spencely joins the over 300 Honourees in the Pathway of Fame.

A sub headline reads, “Always Ready to Help.” Friends said today they weren’t surprised when they learned Earl Spencley, a 34 year old army veteran was in the thick of it as he aided firemen in battling the blaze in a downtown office building. “That was typical of Earl,” said H. C. Munro, a business associate. “He was always in everything when he thought anyone needed help.”

“The father of two was on his way to work when he came upon the fire, and dashed in to help. Through the night, the trapped man’s father led rescue workers as they worked frantically to rescue his son. Finally at 3.30 am, and 16 hours after he became trapped, the body of Earl Spencley was carried out.

“Spencley could have stayed out of danger at the fire. Two years ago he opened a florist shop a few doors away and was fast building one of the best businesses in town. He had a wife, two children Susan (six) and the baby, Peggy, just a few years old and a new home in suburban Peterborough. ‘But he knew it was his duty,’ friends said. So Earl Spencley joined firemen and when they needed help to carry a hose inside the building he was the first to volunteer. Minutes after he entered the building, he was buried.

“Spencley was an active member of the YMCA, a member of the executive of the “Y” business men’s club and a member of Corinthian Lodge AF & AM.

“Whenever there was a job to do we could count on Earl to do it, “ they said. “that was the kind of man he was.”

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