Carol Laverne Wakeford

For many, music is a pleasant form of entertainment – a way of sharing with others and, for those of a creative bent, the means to express ideas and emotions in a clever, compelling manner. For Carol Wakeford, music is all of that, but also a way to touch people and be in tune with the rhythms and melodies of life itself.

For Carol Wakeford music, like breathing, is essential to human life.

Carol plays guitar and sings and – like breathing – writing songs and poems comes naturally to her. Over the years, she’s created thousands of compositions. More than six hundred of them have been registered with SOCAN, the international song publishing organization. More than 20 have been recorded by various artists in both Canada and Nashville.

However, it’s in sharing music that Carol truly shines. She’s a driving force behind ‘Kawartha Friends,’ a group of amateurs in the best sense of the word, and musicians who gather weekly in the Norwood area to share music, stretch writing talents and convey musical thought and emotion.

For Carol Wakeford, music could never be considered a one-dimensional experience. It’s a means of expression, entertainment, craftsmanship and, most importantly a way of reaching out and connecting with others.

And, connecting with one’s inner self.

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