Albert Moher

In the Peterborough area, we are blessed with a rich tradition of Irish Music. Whether it’s jigs, reels or waltzes, there seems a spiritual quality to music that binds people together and, in those rare, magical moments binds fiddler to music.

Few personify that spiritual essence better than Albert Moher.

Known far and wide as ‘the fiddler from Douro,’ Albert came to music at an early age, spending his life sharing his talented gift of music. To Albert music, like love is truly a gift when shared. For more than a few years, Albert captivated listeners at weddings, wakes, community events, fairs and contests. With fiddle in hand, he gives generously of his time and talent to cheer those who live in nursing homes, seniors residences, at church services and celebrations, small and large. He has an uncanny ability to touch the heart with the strings of his fiddle. His repertoire, whether classical or traditional, borders on the monumental and his fame has spread well beyond the confines of his native Douro.

There was a time, not long ago, when the art of the fiddler and magic of timeless music was about to be a thing of the past. But in Albert Moher, the spiritual bond between musician and his music is a tradition that will live for years to come.

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