Heribert Michel

Many would agree Peterborough possesses a magical quality that lures those born here back to the area, and keeps those not born in Peterborough, here.  Heribert Michel planned to stay in Peterborough no more than two years, then move to bigger and better things.

That was in 1951 and, for over 50 years; he’s not only stayed but has added much to the musical, cultural and spiritual fabric of our community.

‘Temporarily’ filling the organist position at Sacred Heart Church, Heribert served as organist and choir director at Sacred Heart and St. Peter’s since that fateful year, 1951. During that time, he’s composed and arranged numerous masses and services. He passed on a love of music to countless young people through his teaching. His talents, and creativity are readily available to choirs, concerts and theatre groups in the Peterborough area. In recognition of his artistry and dedication to music in the church ministry, Heribert was invested as Knight of St. Sylvester by Pope John Paul II.

Heribert Michel possesses that special quality unique to true artists. He has the capacity to infuse both joy, and solemnity into spiritual music and make both ring true. His ‘temporary’ home of Peterborough has been the richer for his being here.

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