Update to 2021 Induction

As of this writing (August 19th) The Pathway of Fame continues to have clearance from local health authorities and the Showplace Performance Centre to host a small, in-person induction ceremony downstairs at the Nexicom Lounge on September 11th for our 2021 inductees. Specifics of the event are still being finalized. However, we can tell you that our plan is to have our 2021 inductees and selected guests in attendance to accept their honours – to a limit of 50 people for the entire event: this would include inductees, Pathway of Fame personnel, as well as selected guests and dignitaries. Masking and social distancing protocols will be in place, and enforced to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance.

We are also finalizing a brief presentation by which we can acknowledge last year’s honourees, due to the last-minute cancellation of the 2020 induction ceremony due to the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and amidst recommendations from health experts. We will cancel this year as well if things worsen between now and September 11th. However, we continue to move forward with the expectation that our event will proceed.

Please note that due space and COVID-19 protocol limitations, this event will NOT be open to the public. However a production crew from YourTV will be recording the entire event for later broadcast on the COGECO cable platform.

In closing, we look forward to inviting our honourees to pass through the ceremonial trellis and onto The Pathway of Fame, complete with engraved granite markers on the actual pathway that weaves through Del Crary Park. Please watch for these latest additions when you next stroll through our proud midtown park on the shores of Little Lake:

David Goyette (cultural/community betterment)

Graham Hart (media)

Brian MacDonald (dramatic arts)

Dr. Ramesh Makhija (cultural/community betterment)

John Mariasine (media)

Megan Murphy (cultural/community betterment)

Paul Rellinger (cultural/community betterment)

David Sutherland (community builder)      

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