The Pathway Recognized by The City

It was with honour and humility that Board Chair and co-founder Sean Eyre, Vice-Chair Geoff Hewitson and Second Vice-Chair Graham Hart were invited to Council Chambers on the evening of Monday, September 28th 2020 to receive municipal recognition on behalf of The Pathway of Fame.

With protective masks firmly in place, the three gentlemen met with Her Worship Mayor Diane Therrien as the first item on the Council Agenda. Beneath the official City Coat of Arms, the proclamation reads:

“Presented by The Mayor and Members of Council of the City of Peterborough, to Pathway of Fame, Peterborough District.

“In recognition to your outstanding contribution to the arts and humanities heritage in the City of Peterborough.”

The foregoing appears over the signature of Her Worship, Mayor Diane Therrien.

The Pathway wishes to warmly thank the City of Peterborough for this honour, together with the City’s ongoing support and that of our friends, our various partners and our benefactors who combine to allow us to continue this work on behalf of the community at large: the permanent acknowledgment of deserving citizens who make, or have made this community – and all too often the entire world – a better place for all.


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