Nominations for the Class of 2021 Now Being Accepted

The Peterborough and District Pathway of Fame is now accepting nominations for our upcoming ‘Class of 2021.’

If you know of someone – a friend, a family member, or someone you respect in the community deserving of permanent and lasting recognition in the arts and humanities – music, theatre, wordsmiths and so on – please feel free to submit a nomination. Nomination forms will spell out the various categories that your nominee may fall into, and are available at Package Plus on Rink Street, or as a downloadable pdf document on the ‘NOMINEES’ page of this site, which you can then print out, fill in and forward by mail to the address listed. The required $10 fee as outlined on the nomination form can be paid by cheque, or by convenient e-transfer to

All too often we hear from people who wonder, sometimes aloud, why a certain someone isn’t in the Pathway of Fame? While there could be a number of reasons why this is so, one reason remains universal: no one becomes a member of The Pathway of Fame without a nomination from someone in the community. The Pathway of Fame itself does not nominate people: YOU do. So please nominate someone deserving of the honour. Your nominee will then be included for consideration by an impartial committee comprised of various members of the community who are not associated in any way with the Pathway of Fame, in order to achieve a fair, and equitable decision¬† that is made without bias or favour.

Your nominee just may, this summer, get to walk The Pathway of Fame and proudly show friends and family their unique, personalized stone marker inlaid into the Pathway that denotes their impact on the community.

But none of that happens, without a nomination.

Please do so…

Deadline is April 30th!

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