Pathway Seeks Treasurer

F O R   I M M E D I A T E   R E L E A S E

Leadership Changes, Pathway Seeks Treasurer

Peterborough, ON – The Pathway of Fame, Peterborough & District would like to acknowledge a number of dedicated individuals who have supported the organization with their time and expertise:

Wellington (Wimpy) Borland of Peterborough has tirelessly served the Pathway for a number of years, assuming various roles along the way including, but not limited to the coveted, ‘bell-ringing’ position of ‘Speech Timing Tech.’

Garry, & Ruth Johnson of Peterborough have recently stepped away from our Facilitating Committee, but will continue to assist on-site for the annual Induction Ceremony at the Showplace Performance Center each September.

Pam Partridge is a familiar face to our valued sponsors, and will continue to support advertising sales in our annual Footprints of Life magazine – a major source of our funding – from Eastern Canada, to which she has relocated.

The Pathway wishes to thank the aforementioned for their service, and generosity to our organization.

The Pathway of Fame is actively seeking community-minded citizens interested in serving on our Facilitating Committee, and welcomes David Goyette as a director. Mr. Goyette is a recent inductee to The Pathway, joining the august group this year.

We are also actively seeking a qualified individual to serve as the organization’s Treasurer, effective the first of January. The position would be voluntary.

Interested individuals are asked to contact Gordon Gibb, Communications Liaison, via email:


The Leadership Team


FIRST VICE CHAIR:                                               Geoff Hewitson

SECOND VICE CHAIR:                                         Graham Hart

DIRECTOR AT LARGE:                                         Kenn Grainger

SECRETARY:                                                          Heather Aiton Landry

ARCHIVIST:                                                            Elwood Jones

DIRECTORS:                                                          Doreen Brockwell

                                                                                  Gordon Gibb

                                                                                  David Goyette

AD SALES:                                                              Pam Partridge


                                                                                 Ruth Johnson