William ‘Bud’ Bethune

In his day job he was an engineer with General Electric and Ontario Hydro, but for Bud Bethune, his real passion was theatre. His first job with the Peterborough Theatre Guild was producer. However, it was as set designer and builder he found his true calling. He added his creative flair and sizeable skills to every production the Guild staged for more than 35 years.

Bud’s involvement with PTG went beyond the creative side. Over the years, he served as Guild president and Chairman of the Board. Also as a genuine token of love for Peterborough theatre, his archival photographs of Guild productions, the people and the building added a treasured dimension to the appreciation of the history, and accomplishments of Peterborough Theatre Guild.

Throughout his theatre career, Bud embodied that most rare of artistic achievement: he sincerely enjoyed working with people. With quiet dignity but with strength, diligence, skill and that elusive spark called genius, Bud Bethune added so much to the tradition of theatre in Peterborough.

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