Wayne McLeish

For many of us jaded by today’s world, terms like ‘sleight of hand,’ ‘trickery,’ and ‘pulling a rabbit from a hat,’ smacks of something dishonest and unethical. But for those who remain children at heart, such terms conjure up the wonders of magic.

Wayne McLeish spent a lifetime reaching out to the child, in all of us.

As Abaca The Magician, and Peanut Butter The Magical Clown, Wayne delighted and dazzled countless audiences with feats of prestidigitation, a sense of fun and a warm, winning personality. Over the years, he’s given freely of his time and talents in aid of numerous worthy causes: VON’s Teddy Bear Festival, The Peterborough & District Head Injury Association, Five Counties Children’s Centre, and Telecare Distress Centre, to name but a few.

Wayne McLeish is one of those rare individuals for whom the phrase ‘dirty tricks’ refers to not shampooing his rabbit before performance. He’s also one of those rare individuals for whom the best magic is that which comes from the heart.

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