Diana McLeod

A famous Rhythm & Blues singer once said she could see no difference between church and secular music, because God is present in all music. Diana McLeod’s devotion to music certainly fits that belief. As few have been able to, she’s used music to create bonds, bridge gaps and touch people.

For over 35 years, Diana worked with Trinity United Church choir, often introducing complex oratorios, public concerts and intercity exchanges to keep performance vigorous and challenging. For more than five years, she worked on a national committee to create ‘Voices United,’ the updated hymnbook that’s revitalized the music of the United Church of Canada.

Outside the church, she devotes her talents to community choirs such as Peterborough Singers, Jubillaires, Peterborough Centennial Choir and Interlink Choir, a choir of performers of different generations who come together to share and experience music. Diana also contributes to the rich history of musical theatre in Peterborough, serving as musical director, accompanist or performer in more than 30 memorable productions. Her devotion to community is further symbolized by her creative support of the Flood Relief Calendar, a devotion that went an extra mile when she posed as Miss December.

Music is a bridge, a means by which to plumb the depths of the human spirit, to share common bonds. This remains the essence of Diana McLeod, and her love of music.

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