Pearl Goodall

To make your community a better place doesn’t always necessitate major and widely publicized feats. Sometimes it’s the little things, done with love and compassion. Helping neighbours means the most. With modesty and an extremely large heart, Pearl Goodall was a consummate good neighbour, and friend.

Known for her involvement, for many years, including that of her brother Bill and husband Stan involved with the Commercial Hotel in Lakefield, Pearl loved baking and sharing the bounty of her efforts with family, friends and strangers. She’s an active participant in the Lakefield Fair and, for 18 years, helped organize the Lakefield Santa Claus Parade. Pearl volunteered tirelessly with the Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Red Cross. Pearl Goodall was recognized by the Ontario Community Care Program for having logged the most hours as a volunteer driver in the entire province of Ontario.

To be fondly remembered for unselfish dedication to your community, for your love, compassion, spirit and good humour is the surest indication of a life, well-lived.

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