Michael Dumas

It’s an intrinsic part of Canadian psyche to acknowledge the impact of landscape on our lives; how we think and interact with others. In a manner reminiscent of The Group of Seven, proximity to the majesty of Algonquin Park played no small part in shaping the artistic vision of Michael Dumas.

Michael’s creations are prized by collectors, both public and private, across Canada and around the world. His vision, according to critics, finds a unique balance between a broad expanse of nature and the minute details of life. It is indeed rare when an artist’s paintings are praised by both art collectors for their scope and technique, and by scientists for scientific accuracy.

Not afraid to place the artistic process within the confines of the written word, Michael has written extensively about art as well as environmental issues that touch his heart. A remarkable portion of his work has gone to aid numerous worthwhile causes, especially in the area of conservation. In fact, he was the first artist ever to win the Ontario Conservation Award.

In the age-old conundrum, asking whether art imitates life or life imitates art, Michael takes a more personal view.

To Michael Dumas, art is life.

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