Maureen Harris-Lowe

There’s a reason any reference to Maureen Harris- Lowe is generously sprinkled with the term ‘mentor.’
As director of the Peterborough Children’s Chorus for the past 20 years, Maureen has served as a wonderful role model for countless youths and young adults, helping each to grow not only as a vocalist but also as a confident performer whose professionalism and good manners represent Peterborough and area exceedingly well.
Under Maureen’s direction, the Peterborough Children’s Chorus has won numerous awards while traveling to competitions across North America and beyond. Striving to give her charges new experiences that will create lifelong memories – the chorus’ recent backing of iconic rock band Foreigner during its recent Peterborough concert is one example – Maureen sets a high standard for the choral group but does so in a fun way that leaves all feeling good.

“She is quick to give him a smile, a hug and make him feel like he is the most special one in the room,” says a parent of a young chorus member.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Musical Arts, Maureen is a superb vocalist who sings with the Peterborough Pop Ensemble as well as performs at numerous local events and gatherings. Her passion for music is abundantly clear in all she undertakes and that passion has been, and remains, infectious much to the benefit of all who cross her path.

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