Just Plain Country & Don Tandy

Live music, at its best, should be welcomed like an old and trusted friend who’s come to visit, to share a time of fun and relaxation. If a little good can be done along the way, so much the better. That seems to be the spirit that follows Don Tandy & Just Plain Country wherever they go in the Kawarthas.

Formed in 1986 ostensibly to play at a wedding, the group quickly jelled into a first-rate Country group. The musicians gained a loyal following, delighting audiences at venues small, and large. In fact their performance schedules read like a road map of Central Ontario. With a strong sense of ‘people’ in their audiences, Don Tandy & Just Plain Country give generously of their time, and talent to raise funds for such worthy causes as the Peterborough Food Bank, PRHC, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, Trent Radio and the Heart Catheter Fund. They’ve worked especially hard in support of spinal cord research.

What makes Don Tandy & Just Plain Country so unique is obviously their high-quality musicianship but, equally important to each group member, every audience is a collection of old friends whose acquaintance is to be renewed, or new friends they have yet to meet…

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