Jack Byers

In today’s fast-paced world, no one can afford underestimating the importance of learning and getting a good education. Sometimes the impediment to a student’s success can be something as simple as the absence of a good breakfast. Jack Byers had an idea to remedy the problem and, several thousand breakfasts later, many Peterborough school children are healthier and more productive because of that idea.

In 1995, Jack approached his fellow members of St. James United Church Men’s Club about starting a breakfast program in city schools. Under Jack’s leadership, the Men’s Club provided a nutritious breakfast for close to 75 students each school day. It’s also the first breakfast program in the city to serve pupils from both Public, and Separate Boards. Thanks to Jack Byers efforts, and those of the St. James Men’s Club, these young people are fed at no cost to Boards, or students. It’s been, and continues to be Jack Byers who spearheads the organization of volunteers, food purchase, and fundraising events to keep the program cost-neutral.

With diplomacy, energy, creativity and dedication, Jack Byers represents the best of a community: You identify a need, and you do something about it. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it?


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