Frederick Roy

A photographer is a truly magical artist.  With a camera, the photographer can freeze a moment in time that generations, to come, can hold in their hands.  Frederick Roy was a photographic artist who literally made time stand still.
From teenage years until his death in 1950, Frederick Roy devoted his entire life to photography while working in the family photography studio.  Peterborough residents are familiar with what’s known as the Roy Collection.  A collection of over 400,000 photographic images, lovingly and precisely documenting life in Peterborough area from late 19th century to the mid-20th century.  As well, Mr. Roy’s reputation spread beyond the Peterborough area.  His photography of Kings George V and George VI gained acclaim throughout Europe, and his portraits of Sir John A. Macdonald’s funeral and Jack Miner’s bird sanctuary are now part of Canada’s historical record.

Through his creativity and eye for detail, Frederick Roy’s photography gave us a precious gift.  What he gave was not only a piece of our history, but also a piece of our soul.

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