Frank (Bud) Sullivan

Without question, he’s one of the most talented and multi-faceted musicians ever to make his home in Peterborough.

Bud Sullivan took to the saxophone early in life and never looked back. Under the tutelage of renowned Belgian musician, Ben Vereecken, Bud began playing with the famed Huntsville Band, and at Bigwin Inn. His talents quickly impressed vacationing musicians, leading to an opportunity of a lifetime.

In 1926, Bud began an eight year tour with the immortal John Philip Sousa Marching Band. After Sousa’s death, Bud went to work with the CBC and the Toronto Symphony. Also at this time he began a new, and fulfilling stage in his life; teaching music.

Opening his music store on Charlotte Street, with wife Dorothy, Bud shared his gift of musical genius with more than a generation of young Peterborough musicians, including Bobby Kinsman and Daniel Rubinoff. Testament to Bud’s teaching talent is the fact that several of his students went on to graduate from the illustrious Juilliard School of Music.

Bud Sullivan: a musician of considerable talent and creativity who maintained a love for music, and for people who made music.

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