Elsie Chambers Flett

If there’s any doubt that music is a doorway to a life well spent, as an individual and an integral community member, one has only to look at the life of Elsie Chambers Flett.

As one of the first members of Peterborough Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association, she taught, and inspired children of this area for more than 50 years. As choir director and organist, she enriched services at St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, as well as leading numerous musicals utilizing talented members of the choir.

However, it’s an offshoot of her work at St. Paul’s that many consider her most noteworthy achievement. She’s founder, producer and director of ‘Bethlehem Live.’ Through the marriage of music and spoken word, this yearly pageant brings to life the Christmas story in a poignant and tender way. Since its inception, the event has charmed, and inspired thousands of Peterborough residents and visitors.

The joy and meaning of music, accomplishment, and dedication to community.

Elsie Chambers Flett passed away in 2013, in her 90th year.

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