Edwin Henry Matthews (1924 – 2014)

In an ideal world, art becomes a journey of self-discovery. In that ideal world, the artist who’s made the journey gives something in turn, to those who follow.

That’s not a bad description of the road Edwin Matthews chose to travel. In his 20’s while working in a commercial art studio, Ed was apprenticed to the legendary A.J. Casson of the famous ‘Group of Seven.’ From Casson, he learned much about the use of colour, design and philosophy.

Ed’s more than 50 years of painting has produced works of art that adorn the walls of 14 Canadian Consulates, major corporations and thousands of private homes around the world. In a desire to promote aspiring artists, he established the renowned Gallery on the Lake, and the Buckhorn Wildlife Art Festival.

If one is looking for a model of a ‘complete artist,’ one who gives as well as receives, one needn’t look further than Edwin Matthews.

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