Dr. Wag Rayes

In Canada, we’re undergoing a dramatic and revolutionary change in primary care delivery of medicine. Is it for the better? Many would argue it isn’t. Others argue it’s the way of the future based on the realities we face in today’s society. What’s certain, is that there are generations to come who’ll not know what it is to have a family doctor.

That’s why the people of Apsley treasure a friend named Wag Reyes.

Dr. W.E. Reyes has been the family doctor in Apsley area for many years; long enough to know thousands of patients and family members on a first-name basis. Dr. Reyes’ career stands as a symbol of a uniquely personal approach to primary care. His practice covers a large area of Central Ontario because he ignored quotas and ratios, and rarely turned down new patients. He’s been one of a rare breed who calls patients directly. and believes in follow up. Wag represents something we’re losing in today’s medicine – namely, a primary care provider who follows patients throughout their lives. One wonders too, about the continued existence of many small Ontario communities without a consistent primary care provider.

Wag Reyes is a committed family man and community member. His service combines science, technology, hands-on experience, a personal touch and an unflinching sense of personal morality. Our inductee remains the essence of what many believe medicine should still be.

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